Lumi Webster, Bookseller

Born in central Kentucky, Lumi has had quite an adventurous life. In her childhood years, she often explored the woods behind her home in Marengo, Indiana, and was fascinated with nature and caves from a young age. Having been set loose in a summer camp at Falls of the Ohio State Park, it wasn’t long before she was helping her camp counselor teach the other children each summer.

Years later, after having gained four trophies and two speaking awards from her time in debate at Jeffersonville High School, Lumi found that her love of stone cliffs and nature, which had been overrun by her love for research in her mostly-grey urban home, had begun to return. Realizing that her dreams had strayed back to forest valleys, the branches of trees, and the spray of waterfalls, she declared her major in Environmental Geology at Hanover College and plans to change the world for the better.