The Woods (Paperback)

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There is a certain magic growing up with life-long friends. The charmed existence became almost dream-like with two young boys growing up in a small neighborhood surrounded by an old, dense forest. **** But what happens when fantasies start becoming all too real? Grotesque and bloody rites give rise to a fey and magical girl who threatens to destroy the last remnants of the boys' idyllic childhood existence...whose mere presence may set the jealous boys at each other's throats. **** Hidden among the trees they know so well, Rob and Mark confront a grim, violent solution to their problems. This is a story of choices, a tale where the wild, romanticized dream-scape of youth intersects the gray world beyond, where fantasy collides and merges with reality. **** "I was blown away by The Woods...The magic in this story is both beautiful and disturbing... Leigh's prose is elegant, his plotting tight, his character work outstanding."-David B. Coe, Crawford Award-winning fantasy author.

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ISBN: 9781612420967
ISBN-10: 1612420966
Publisher: Phoenix Pick
Publication Date: August 1st, 2012
Pages: 190
Language: English