She/He/They/Me: For the Sisters, Misters, and Binary Resisters (Hardcover)

She/He/They/Me: For the Sisters, Misters, and Binary Resisters Cover Image
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An accessible guide for learning about gender identity for those questioning their own genders, generally curious about gender, or interested in better understanding someone else's identity.

If you've ever questioned the logic of basing an entire identity around what you have between your legs, it's time to embark on a daring escape outside of the binary box. Written in a choose-your-own path style, you'll explore over one hundred different scenarios that embrace nearly every definition of gender around the globe and throughout history in a refreshingly creative exploration of the ways gender colors and shapes our world.

In She/He/They/Me, Dr. Robyn Ryle, professor of sociology and gender studies at Hanover College in Indiana, thoughtfully discusses gender constructs, expectations, and transitions along with covering everything from the science, biology, and psychology of gender to the philosophy, legality and societal implications.

This is a must-read for better understanding and celebrating LGBTQ+, nonbinary, and transgender identities and a great resource for parents of gender queer kids.

Praise for She/He/They/Me:

An engaging, choose-your-own-adventure-style guide to gender that encourages readers to travel down paths with which they may not be familiar. These guided thought experiments are opportunities to consider just how strongly our gender assignments influence our daily lives.--Psychology Today

Light and accessible, this is a smart and streamlined journey through the nuances of gender identity.--Booklist

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ISBN: 9781492666943
ISBN-10: 1492666947
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication Date: March 5th, 2019
Pages: 400
Language: English