Anne Vestuto, Owner/Proprietor

A true Mid-western girl, Anne was born in Normal, Illinois, and spent her childhood playing hide-and-seek in the corn and soybean fields of the central plains. At her father’s side, she developed a deep love of nature and the outdoors as they explored the forests and fields surrounding their home. As a teenager, Anne moved with her family to Bloomington, Indiana, where she graduated from high school and went on to pursue a degree in Biology from Indiana University… and dreamed of becoming a forest ranger…

While taking a ballet class at IU, Anne met her future husband, Nathan. Dreams of the forest were deferred, as they traveled extensively throughout the urban east coast and then moved on to Europe. They finally returned to the US with their newborn son and settled in the decidedly un-forested concrete sprawl of Dallas, Texas, where Anne earned a nursing degree. Fast-forward 17 years; hear the call of extended family, and feel the persistent pull of the rolling hills of Southern Indiana…

Anne now happily curates the collection of new and used books at Village Lights Bookstore. She is also the store accountant, does basic book repairs, and refinishes furniture for both store and home…

And she hikes in the woods as frequently as possible.

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